The Basics

Yoga is basically an ancient knowledge of body which originated from Indians and it is more than 500 years old. The basic word of hoga is originated from a Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to unite or to integrate two things.

Yoga is exercised and practiced to unite your body with your spirit or you can make it easier and say that the reunion of person’s own consciousness and universal consciousness is achieved through yoga.

Ancient people, who practiced yoga, believed in the fact that in order to achieve internal peace, a person must integrate and unite their mind, body and spirit. Without this reunion, a person can never achieve internal peace.

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The human body is treated with lots of respect and care in yoga and this allows the yoga exercised to be friendly and calming for the body structure. Once you start practicing these exercises, then, you will see that there is no twist in these exercises and they are very basic poses which are formulated by yogis to develop peace within the body structure.


Breathing is the source of life and when your source of life is out of order then how can you expect to have harmony and order in you life.


Meditation is another thing which is necessary for yoga practice but there is some misconception involve about this technique and people think that their mind has to go blank for meditation. This is not the case because meditation is just another self-controlling technique which allows you to think more clearly and it harmonizes your thoughts and action.

Check your physical health status.

In order to start yoga properly, you should have a physical checkup. Should you have any issues or weaknesses in your muscles, then you can change your routine accordingly.

Commitment is Necessary

Like any other exercise plan, commitment is important. If you’re not consistent in your exercise routine, then instead of giving you relief and relaxation, it may lead you to an unbalanced physical level which can be harmful.

Find pleasure and fun in your yoga exercises

This is the most crucial thing for making your yoga practice fruitful and effective. So enjoy it instead of looking at it as a burden and forcing yourself to do it. This can change the whole effect of yoga practice and you can see the results by adopting this approach.

The Precepts

Yoga is taken as a physical remedy for many problems and especially for people who tend to suffer from different health related problems, like pain, stress, fatigue and sleeping disorders. Yoga is a perfect solution, it just needs a bit of practice and patience to see the results and initially you may face some problems but as time passes you will learn the art of yoga properly and start to relax.

Increasing Flexibility

Most people wish they were more flexible. Great flexibility can be hard to achieve but with the right program it is possible. Getting a flexible body is a dream for many people, but is is very tough to attain a certain level of flexibility without a proper exercise routine. All yoga exercises are based to increase stamina, flexibility and the length of your muscles.

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Increased Use of Joints, Ligaments and Tendons

Every position is well thought and well conceived to activate those parts of the body which are normally ignored. For example, the shoulder is a part of the the body which can change our whole posture, but we seldom do any exercise movements that involve our shoulders.